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Stated Mission
"Health Equity at the Bottom of the Pyramid through Opensource models on Elastic cloud."
Libra Social Accelerator

Libra Social stands for Libral and Social Healthcare and Education

Libra Social Research Foundation, is a Not-for-Profit org working at the convergence of Healthcare and Technology. Massive Transformational Purpose -- Health Equity at the Bottom of the Pyramid through Opensource models on Elastic cloud.

Libra Social Research Foundation (LSRF) founders and members have proven experience in transformative approaches, through multi-decade global experiences in Primary and Secondary Research, Design Thinking, Technology Architecture, Fostering Innovation and building Capacities across large ecosystems. We aim to address large scale transformation and innovation initiatives end-to-end, from Governance to Adoption, in a manner that enables these projects to work and deliver the best possible outcomes on the ground.

LSRF team has had global research experience, across how health systems can leverage technological advancements & transform into digitally driven healthcare system. We have designed minimal viable product definitions for various care delivery settings across primary, secondary, tertiary and health insurance segments. The minimal viable product definitions developed by the founder and members at LSRF; are in complete congruence with all the standards, frameworks, and recommendations of the National Digital Health Blueprint [NDHB], including Government of India notified digital health standards like the Meta Data and Data Standards [MDDS] for Health, EHR Standards, SNOMED, FHIR etc.

LSRF runs and maintains an accelerator (Libra Social Accelerator) and an open-source community, to provide Digital assets for the larger public good, released in opensource under MPL 2.0. LSRF will be the custodian of the open source digital assets generated by the accelerator and the community.

The Libra Social Accelerator is also envisaged as the seed crystal for the emerging National Digital Health Ecosystem [NDHE], catalyzing an explosion of innovation and transformation for Healthcare in India - and later globally. The Libra Social Accelerator will therefore work together with all stakeholders in the healthcare industry, across private and public healthcare, government and academia, pharma and diagnostic / medical technology providers, Venture Capital and PE funds, NGO's and Funding agencies and newly emerging hybrid models of healthcare delivery.

LSRF will guide and mentor all members of the Libra Social Accelerator to innovate, grow and have the necessary impact on the industry as envisaged by each member, by providing the following services.

LSRF intends to facilitate the Libra Social Accelerator and the community in the following ways:
  • MVP: Share the NDHB standard based well-designed minimal viable product definitions for various care delivery settings across primary, secondary, tertiary and health insurance segments.
  • Mentorship: Provide Technical and Functional Mentorship for implementation of the MVPs into the partner products and help build the microservices and APIs collectively together with the product teams of the community.
  • Stamp of Confidence: LSRF will enable the members that adopt the MVPs and Global Digital Health Standards to achieve its Stamp of Confidence, including certification of NDHB compliance and compliance to other national and international standards. LSRF will strongly position the early adopters in its network as NDHB Standards compliant products.
  • Market Access: LSRF will act as a catalyst for providing market access in terms of positioning the products for relevant RFPs, Tenders, new projects, and business partnerships, including providing validation toolkits to enable members of the community to become qualified vendors for Public and Private Procurement processes.
  • Investment support: LSRF will provide coordination, guidance, product validation and mentoring services for members and partners who wish to approach investors, funding agencies and other financial institutions for financial support.
Libra Social Accelerator is currently working on 3 Projects:
We call on all interested individuals, organizations and institutions to join us in our commitment to truly transforming healthcare, supporting the UN SDG 2030 as well as ensuring a better, more equitable and inclusive healthcare system for all.

Libra Social Accelerator Not-for-Profit organization can help International and Indian HealthTech, MedTech, InsurTech Startups to comply with India' latest NDHB Blueprint and be the portal for entry into India market.

We created Libra Social Accelerator to nurture Ideas, allow Networking where the Ideas can mature into Projects, and promote Healthcare Investments to convert worthy Projects into Ventures. As Catalysts, we offer our vast Global Healthcare Network, Product Management, Marketing and Business knowledge to the Startups in the Accelerator.

Will provide Market Access through our Healthcare Network and Marketplace. We have become one of the largest and most respected Healthcare Groups on LinkedIn. In the journey we have been able to support Healthcare conferences in US and UK, and get free/discounted tickets for the group members. We have been declared as Media partners for important Healthcare events. Publications now regularly approach us for content.

We are beginning to challenge the traditional education, publishing, journalism, marketing, sales, staffing, placement channels. The time is not far of when we will be able to rate products/services through member votings and the outcomes will be held in high esteem. Next step will be to become a Healthcare Marketplace.

Will provide Investment Support through our Healthcare Projects & Investments. Healthcare Investments are different from other sectors because it is a very long haul flight. Needs a lot of patience and commitments from all stakeholders. However it holds a promise like no other industry because it is recession proof. It touches everyone's heart. The satisfaction of good outcomes ultimately shows on the lives of the patients! At the same time it is a double edge sword. The smallest mistakes will also show on the lives of the patients!

LSRF understands that Healthcare needs a 360 Degree Transformation on an Exponential scale to realize the Sustainable Development Goal of Universal Healthcare by 2030. It harnesses proven capacities that span Research and Design Thinking, Technological Architecture Design, Nurturing Innovation Ecosystems and building Capacity at scale.

These transformations need to ride on existing publicly available infrastructure and be done in an innovative and evolving fashion, to prevent obsolescence and ensure efficient use of public resources for public good - while being inherently inclusive in nature to successfully transition ecosystems and ensure easy adoption in low resources geographies with varying technological maturity, such as they are, home to the majority of the population in the world.

This Opensource Healthcare Community is for people working in Healthcare Ecosystem across Health, Wellness, Pharma, Lifesciences, Health Insurance, Medical Devices, HealthTech, eHealth, mHealth, EHR, Hospital Info System (HIS), PRM, HC SMAC, AI, ML, HC IoT.

We are building a unified Global Digital Health Ecosystem. Digital Health is the shared knowledge across Healthcare, Technology and Management Sciences in the same brain. Digital health has been pretty much helping save the world from this Pandemic. We are also mindful that Health is not a fungible commodity and so the solutions that it requires need to be contextual and different too.

If Data is the new Oil; then what is Healthcare Data?

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Libra Social Research Foundation, India

Info Email:info@librasocial.org

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