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Stated Mission
"Health Equity at the Bottom of the Pyramid through Opensource models on Elastic cloud."
Libra Social Academy

Libra Social stands for Libral and Social Healthcare and Education

Digital Health is crossover between Healthcare and Technology in the same brain. It can not be learnt in a class. Has to be learnt in the field by doing. Whereas #InsurTech, #HealthTech and #MedTech Industry is looking for ready to use product from the education system.

Dr Pankaj Gupta is a global Professor-of-Practice for #DigitalHealth. Dr Gupta's Digital Health and Healthcare Management #capacitybuilding work started somewhere in 2007 but has now been bundled into Libra Social Academy, a formal Not-for-Profit organization, in 2021.

Libra Social Academy Capacity Building:
  • Dr Pankaj Gupta and team have been Professor-of-Practice for #DigitalHealth Institutes and Universities in India and globally e.g. IIHMR Delhi, Chitkara University, Medvarsity, Goa Institute of Management etc. There is an existing Digital Health and Healthcare Management Training Partnership with IIHMR-Delhi thru Taurus Glocal Consulting.
  • Dr Pankaj Gupta and team are well know Clinical Transformation experts. Have trained over 3000 Doctors, Nurses and Support staff for every Clinical Transformation done. Have collectively done over 20 such large Clinical Transformations over the past 2 decades.
  • Dr Pankaj Gupta has been Health Innovators-in-Residence @ The International Center for Health Innovation, Richard Ivey School of Business, The University of Western Ontario Canada.
  • Now we are in the process of setting up Not-for-Profit Libra Social Academy in partnership with IIHMR-Delhi and a leading USA based Digital Health University.
  • Also in the process of setting up the Libra Social Accelerator Internship Program for Digital Health capacity building. The Accelerator will serve as a fertile ground for Innovation, Incubation and hands-on training. There is an existing Digital Health and Healthcare Management Internship Program with SIP-IIT-Kanpur thru Taurus Glocal Consulting.
  • We are working on building Digital Health and Healthcare Management related IEC and open online MooCs, EdTech initiatives.
  • Dr Pankaj Gupta has authored a lot of Digital Health papers, LinkedIn articles and Google Blogs. Recent one has been the Co-Author of Digital Health Chapter of the book Health Systems for New India, published by Niti Aayog in Nov 2019.
  • Dr Pankaj Gupta has over 15K LinkedIn connections and over 15K Linkedin followers. Dr Gupta runs one of the world's largest Healthcare-IT community for Knowledge sharing with over 65K members globally.
  • Dr Pankaj Gupta's various Lectures are released in opensource and now bundled into a YouTube Channel Pankajguptadr.
LSRF understands that Healthcare needs a 360 Degree Transformation on an Exponential scale to realize the Sustainable Development Goal of Universal Healthcare by 2030. It harnesses proven capacities that span Research and Design Thinking, Technological Architecture Design, Nurturing Innovation Ecosystems and building Capacity at scale.

These transformations need to ride on existing publicly available infrastructure and be done in an innovative and evolving fashion, to prevent obsolescence and ensure efficient use of public resources for public good - while being inherently inclusive in nature to successfully transition ecosystems and ensure easy adoption in low resources geographies with varying technological maturity, such as they are, home to the majority of the population in the world.

This Opensource Healthcare Community is for people working in Healthcare Ecosystem across Health, Wellness, Pharma, Lifesciences, Health Insurance, Medical Devices, HealthTech, eHealth, mHealth, EHR, Hospital Info System (HIS), PRM, HC SMAC, AI, ML, HC IoT.

We are building a unified Global Digital Health Ecosystem. Digital Health is the shared knowledge across Healthcare, Technology and Management Sciences in the same brain. Digital health has been pretty much helping save the world from this Pandemic. We are also mindful that Health is not a fungible commodity and so the solutions that it requires need to be contextual and different too.

If Data is the new Oil; then what is Healthcare Data?

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Libra Social Research Foundation, India

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